Safeguarding Support Sessions

3rd Wednesday of Every Month at 3:45pm

Safeguarding Support Sessions

We have set up regular webinar sessions which will take place on the third Wednesday of each month. Each session will focus on a specific topic or issue so that safeguarding practitioners in schools and colleges are able to support each other, learn about good practice in other areas and share useful resources. It will be an opportunity to identify what works and to access information about effective safeguarding practice that may help you manage more effectively in challenging and unprecedented circumstances.

Submit any questions you have in advance in the registration form and we will aim to address them in the session.

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Our Next Session is 19th May 2021

In our next safeguarding support session on the 19th May, our panel will be discussing supervision. They'll be sharing why this is important (particularly as we re-emerge from lockdown), how they implement this in their own settings and highlighting the benefits they've seen in terms of staff wellbeing.